Which preposition to use with  bed

Which preposition to use with bed

Those naturally were out of the question, but I took three or four red ones, which of course could not go in the guests' rooms, but were distributed on the beds of the family, their white ones going to the friends.

I made my bed in a nook of the pine-thicket, where the branches were pressed and crinkled overhead like a roof, and bent down around the sides.

What Doctor of Theology takes the last six of these to bed with him to-day?

I once found a complete band of this kind numbering upward of fifty, which, on being alarmed, went bounding away across a jagged lava-bed at admirable speed, led by a majestic old ram, with the lambs safe in the middle of the flock.

When I recovered my senses, it was to find that I had been in bed for nearly two weeks.

Here I camped, making my bed on smooth cobblestones.

By dint of most active exertion, I secured a bed to myself, the narrow dimensions of which precluded the possibility of participation, and plunged into it with all possible haste, as there was not a moment to be lost.

During the gold excitement it was at times a matter of considerable pecuniary importance to force a way through the cañon with pack-trains early in the spring while it was yet heavily blocked with snow; and then the mules with their loads had sometimes to be let down over the steepest drifts and avalanche beds by means of ropes.

Since supper is over, you'll just have to go to bed without it."

My uncle had sent out a quantity of Ayrshire cheeses, mutton hams, pickled salmon, Dunfermline linens, Paisley dimity, Alloa worsted, sweet ale from Tranent, Kilmarnock cowls, and a lot of fine feather-beds from the Clydeside.

I leaped out of bed under the impression that at least twenty little children had fallen into as many tubs of boiling water.

Item, That none of the men be in bed, from our Lady-day to Michaelmas, after 6 of the clock in the morning; nor out of his bed after 10 of the clock at night; nor, from Michaemas till our Lady-day, in bed after 7 in the morning, nor out after 9 at night, without reasonable cause, on paine of 2d.

I must examine this bed, in a word; papers may be hidden in a bed as elsewhere; we know that very well, and" Here it was her ladyship's turn to shriek, for the Captain, with his fist shaking the pillows and bolsters, at last wrenching away one of the pillows, said, "Look!

what, Orkins or no Orkins, he ain't gwine to play hell with my flower-beds like that 'ere.

For shame of Modesty, Sir; you wou'd not have me go to Bed before all this Company.

"You see," counselled Mandy from the bed into which she had rolled with most of her clothes on, "you want to get in with Miss Lydia Sessions and the Uplift ladies, and them thar swell folks."

"Now," quoth Robin to himself, "I wonder how this thing hath dropped into my bed during the night."

Yet consumption does not keep people in bed until its final stages.

Of the former obstacle, however, he quickly disposes,"seeing we do not then spend ourselves in any labour, we shall not, it may be, need the refreshment of sleep: but if we do, we cannot desire a softer bed than the air, where we may repose ourselves firmly and safely as in our chambers"!

They are nearly to the large canopied bed between the open windows, when Jones, who is nearest, discovers a startled apparition half rising from the bed.

Instinctively, she sought to draw the under-bedding over her, forgetting that she had not undressed.

"Ime and LesterLester and me were talking, mamawhen the engagement's announced next weeka reception" "We can clear out this room, move the bed out of gramaw's room into ours, and serve the ice-cream and cake in" "Oh, mama, I don't meanthat!"

My wife, wearied with the day's watching, had sunk into slumber on the bed beside me.

A dense white steam came from the creek bed within the arroyo.

Our way proceeded across the grass flat, through the opening of the narrow cañon, and so on back into the interior by way of the bed through which flowed the sulphur stream.

In the cool early mornings, when the heavy night dews still lie glittering on the grass, when the cobwebs seem strung with pearls, and faint lines of soft fleecy mist lie in the hollows by the watercourses; long ere the hot, fiery sun has left his crimson bed behind the cold grey horizon, we are out on our favourite horse, the wiry, long-limbed syce or groom trotting along behind us.

The only trace of the thieves that the police have been able to discover is the broken blade of a clasp-knife, which was on a flower-bed near the window."

According to the same group, Japan has fewer ICU beds per 100,000 people compared to many other countries including Germany and Italy.

Lister was angry and puzzled, for he had pushed the road-bed across to near the other side, but the rails had not sunk in the new belt but in ground over which the trains had run.

Beneath us lay part of the town and the railway station, the river beyond, in one part divided and slowly flowing over its stony bed among the alder bushes; at another, gathered together again, rushing furiously along as though impatient to lose itself for ever in the depths of the ocean.

"Very good, Marston, just as you please," he said; "only don't be later than one, as I shall be getting into bed about that hour.

In the bed against the wall at one end of the room lay Blaise and Denis, the twins, sturdy little fellows six years of age; while in the second bed against the opposite wall was Ambroise, now nearly four and quite a little cherub.

But it was only Mrs. Sykes who had stepped around the house corner to pluck some flowers from the bed beneath the window.

Sir Henry De La Beche goes even further, and adduces conclusive evidence to show that the different parts of one and the same stratum, having a similar composition throughout, containing the same organic remains, and having similar beds above and below it, may yet differ to any conceivable extent in age.

In my twelfth effusion I had rather have seen what I wrote myself, though they bear no comparison with your exquisite lines, "On rose-leaf beds amid your faery bowers," etc.

"Old Sam couldn't speak for a minute; there was no words that he knew bad enough, but at last he licks 'is lips and he ses, 'I've paid for that bed up to Saturday, and I'm going to have it.'

The great coal-beds along the Rocky Mountains, for instance, are tertiarythat is, later than the chalk.

Magnificent floods from the ample fountains of ice and snow working with sublime energy upon this prepared glacial detritus, sorted it out and carried down immense quantities from the higher slopes, and reformed it in smooth, delta-like beds around the base; and it is these flood-beds joined together that now form the main honey-zone of the old volcano.

The dread disease that robbed me of my sight had crept on me slowly through the years, and now I lay in my bedroom in Walpole Street, with my old nurse, Priscilla Drew, sleeping on an extemporised bed outside my door to tend and care for me.

Three years ago, when she was first brought to the Home, she had been assigned to a little bed next the one that Jane occupied, and had been more or less under the elder girl's care.

It owes its shape simply to the accident of some of the beds toward the summit being especially hard, and thus able to stand the wear and tear of sea-wave, ice, and rain.

When Jochonan and the lady were alone, she turned in the bed towards him, and said: "Unhappy man that thou art!

The vegetables, as far as we know them, are all different from anything found in the chalk, or in the beds below it.

Climbing a fence he made a snug bed alongside a convenient haystack.

Τߋ complement tһe look, the designer outfitted the house wіth bedframes ɑnd a nightstand by CB2 alоng wіth bedding St. Geneve Linens and Ralph Lauren.

Two heavyset men wearing shorts, T-shirts, and baseball caps were easing a boulder from the truck bed onto an impromptu ramp of two-by-sixes.

Reader, if you were ever detained in a strange house by the non-arrival of your carriage, you will easily understand the excessive annoyance of finding that you are keeping a family out of their beds beyond their usual hour.

To keep the beds off the wet earth, two rows of short posts were driven along the sides in the tent, and poles were laid across the tops, thus forming racks to support the pine boughs upon which the beds should be made.

Old master make us put the chillun to bed fo' dark.

On a previous visit of George Cannon's to Hornsey she had kept her bed throughout the day, afraid to meet him, ashamed to meet him, inexplicably convinced that to meet him would be a crime against filial piety.