Which preposition to use with holydays

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THE CHILD'S CHRISTIAN YEAR; Hymns for every Sunday and Holyday in the Year.

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I hope you have some holydays at this period.

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In the preceding year, the Scottish commissioners had "preached stoutly against the superstition of Christmas;" but only succeeded in prevailing on the two houses "to profane that holyday by sitting on it, to their great joy, and some of the assembly's shame.

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That was our first sea-side experiment, and many circumstances combined to make it the most agreeable holyday of my life.

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In the first place, Midsummer day is not a topic I could make anything ofI am so pure a Cockney, and little read, besides, in May games and antiquities; and, in the second, I am here at Margate, spoiling my holydays with a Review I have undertaken for a friend, which I shall barely get through before my return; for that sort of work is a hard task to me.

Which preposition to use with  holydays