Which preposition to use with  yours

Which preposition to use with yours

Yours in memory-moram, EPHRAIM ECKELS.

Thus Seyavi, "As much good as yours of the flowers you strew.

Tis yours for ought I know.

"Yours with respect."

By the time you get this letter, it will be six weeks since yours to me, and you may look at things differently.

"The Pope could annul such a marriage as yours by a stroke of the pen if he wished."

Yours as ever, C. LAMB.

"These unannounced comings and goings of yours from the ends of the earth are so upsetting to your friends," she declared.

I have taken my love to my grave, and left her yours on earth.

Dear Finley,Yours of the 6th ult.

Yours at once the secrets won Age by age, from sire to son; Yours the fruit through countless years Grown by thought and toil and tears.

Heaven send him his jars uncrack'd, and me my Yours with kindest wishes to your daughter and friend, in which Mary joins C.L. ["I saved nothing."

" "Why not lay this interesting theory of yours before the authorities at Scotland Yard?"

"If you had an idea what it is like not to have any home at all, you would not wish to leave yours without even knowing where to go," said Salo.

my throat's still sore where you got that cursed grip of yours inside my collar.

"How well you look, Ruththat hair of yours against the green grass.

Try then, each of you, what you can do to bring your own godchildren to confirmation, and what you can do to make them fit for confirmation; for you are members one of another, and if you will act as such, you will find strength to do your duty, and a blessing in your day from that heavenly Father from whom every fatherhood in heaven and earth, and yours among the rest, is named.

I have yours beside me now, and to make it like a real talk I shall answer each point as it comes.

Corringius calls this statement in question, and asks how Suidas, who lived but five hundred yours between them, should know what happened eight hundred years before him?

"'I cannot express it; but surely you and everybody have a notion that there is, or should be, an existence of yours beyond you.

Yours after him, Master Ironmonger, however hard of digestion may be your wares.

Why haven't you communicated with the police and given this German spy of yours into charge?" "I have been to Hebblethwaite, and I have been to Scotland Yard," Norgate told him firmly, "and all that I have got for my pains has been a snub.

It grates against every inclination of yours like a file on steel.

Yea, marryfor, saith the priest, man has dominion over the beast of the field and the fowl of the air: so I, being as I am a man, as men go, have dominion over the deer in my trade, as you have in yours over sleep-mice and woodpeckers.

The sort of thing that's just happened in the Washington Street School is likely to happen 'most anywhere, and it's no harder on these poor little playmates of yours than on all colored people.

"Oh, sir, had a child of yours under my roof but once neglected the public worship of God when he was able to attend it, I should have been ready to conclude he had been distracted, and should have thought of shaving his head, and confining him in a dark room.

I replied with light artillery: DEAR PETHERTON,Yours re the late Mrs. EDWARD PLANTAGENET to hand.