428 Metaphors for  reasons

428 Metaphors for reasons

"Your reasons ain't no good.

The main reason of this is that the kind of metaphysical free act which I have described tends to become a knowing consciousnessa perceptive intuition, which is subject to the forms of space and time.

The reason may be the greatest or the meanest faculty in the soul.

The main reason for this was old age.

The ostensible reason for keeping it was forensic anti-terrorism.

Another reason people aren’t wearing face masks, according to Dover, is pressure from their community.

Two key reasons behind this change are the use of automatic feeders to deliver milk and grain, and the potential of reducing labour requirements per head.

The reason for initiating criminal prosecution is a picture where you can see the middle finger directed against the Orthodox Church.

Hey, the reason for not laying the plasma flat is the preasure on the glass pannel when going over bumps or potholes.

Man's reason, conscience, and affections are the only true revelation of his Maker."

Trump says the reason is comfort.

"I remember, holy father, that one great reason of displeasure at my son's marriage was distrust of the motive of the family which received him; yet here have these honest people suffered me to live on unmolested in prosperity, while they now first claim the affinity in my disgrace and ignominy!

that the reason for this was her exhausted condition from loss of rest on the previous night.

The reason was the death of John Scott, the editor, and probably to a large extent the originator, of the magazine.

The reason why there’s one opportunity to get it right is the western suburbs of Melbourne are booming, Mr Hardy said.

A cold reason is all that he would leave to man,no consolation but what the mind can arrive at unaided, no knowledge but what can be reached by original scientific investigation.

The reason given is curious:"Perchè quando Gesù pareva tormentato essendo vivo,

The third reason which she avowed to everybody, was simple excited curiosity for a look into a new world.

Now, you’ll most likely see Before the Common Era (BCE) and Common Era (CE), no matter, the reason is still Jesus birth.

The most common reasons manufacturers request an exemption are there are a couple here.

The reason for this coherency and consistency was the universal recognition and acceptance of religion as the one energizing and standardizing force in life, the particular kind of religion that then prevailed, and the organic power which this religion had established; that is to say, the Church as an operative institution.

If there is a window than opening it when showing later or for whatever reason would be a solution until he fixes his problem.

Human reason is a humbug.

But the fundamental reason for the fall of Shinmin is the intensity of the double attack led by Japanese troops and communists from 1931, the offensive by a modern army like that of the Japanese leaves no chance for a frontal defense.

No reason was too trivial, no dog too worthless.

I know I was happy; and it seems to me that the chief reason of my joy was the new cap and the fact that my heart swelled and I was proud of myself.

A fifth reason why the South will not dissolve, is her weakness.

If Senator Elizabeth Warren winds up not becoming the nominee, it is possible that one reason for this was voter uncertainty about her Medicare for all proposal.

Another reason for Macron reaching out to Russia is his disillusionment with U.S. foreign policy under President Donald Trump, who has made important decisions without without consulting European allies.

My reason for waiting is partly the 100 mb package, but also my understanding (and it may be wrong) that since we have Optic TV, the two would share bandwidth and one or the other might suffer or be limited if we don't have fibre.

The two reasons were: Decoration and/or preservation.

The reasons for the growth slump are structural and regulatory roadblocks, as India never built on the liberalization of trade and industrial licensing since the 1990s.

DW political correspondent Thomas Sparrow said one reason that Germany was reducing troop numbers was the security of German soldiers, similar to what NATO has already done.

Another reason, critics say, is lax VA inspections.

The 2 main reasons why Oscars are set (generally) in late February have been ABC’s preference, back when sweeps months were a thing, and because Oscar producers felt it took at least a month to produce a show after nominations.

His reasons were his ambition for her, her youth.

Your conduct up to the present has been frank, loyal, without vacillation, above suspicion; you have addressed it simply and directly; the reasons you have presented could not be more sound; your aim is to lighten the labor of the teachers in the first years and to facilitate study among the hundreds of students who fill the college halls and for whom one solitary professor cannot suffice.

On the other hand, it is the infinite energy of the universe; since Reason is not so powerless as to be incapable of producing anything but a mere ideal, a mere intentionhaving its place outside reality, nobody knows where; something separate and abstract in the heads of certain human beings.

The reason I never came to you before was thatI did not know I would be welcomed.

His reasons were the competition between animals, the limited amount of food, the climate, and epidemics.

Another reason to go with an HDTV is that detail, for small text, will be sharper.

But the real reason of the slight shadow that had fallen on my spirit was the vanished hawthorn.

Him first to love great right and reason is, Who first to us our life and being gave, And after, when we faréd had amiss, Us wretches from the second death did save; And last, the food of life, which now we have, Even he himself, in his dear sacrament, To feed our hungry souls, unto us lent.

If reason has been a considerable gainer, it must be confessed that taste has been somewhat a loser.

But let us not forget, meanwhile, that within its own sphere this same Human Reason is an apt conjuror, marshalling and deftly controlling the powers of the earth and air to a degree wonderful and full of interest.

The reason for that is Intel's prodigious free-cash-flow generation.

Reason is king with me."

But the reason for that wrath is correction - so that people may choose to repent and be delivered from their evil.

I vow, I never had my affections more tenderly awakened; nor do I remember an incident in my life, where the dissipated spirits to which my reason had been a bubble were so suddenly called home.

The main reason for the massive write-down is the expectation that consumer spending will remain weak as the economy emerges from the pandemic-induced recession.