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227 examples of  poach  in sentences

227 examples of poach in sentences

Serve on a platter with poached eggs.

Poach eggs as soft as possible.

27.Belgian Poached Eggs. Cut thin round slices of bread and toast them.

Poach fresh eggs one at a time; then put in a well-buttered baking-dish; sprinkle with salt, pepper, bits of butter and grated cheese.

12.Polish Poached Eggs.

Boil 1/2 cup of vinegar with one cup of water and break in fresh eggs one at a time and poach them.

So great is the habit among editors of cribbing from each other, that if one were to write an article about an egg another would immediately Poach it.

Could he supply a couple of poached eggs and a cup of milk?


<Steal, abstract, pilfer, filch, purloin, peculate, swindle, plagiarize, poach>.

Rolfe had acquired an unwilling respect for Crewe's abilities during the course of the investigations into the Riversbrook case, but he retained all the intolerance which regular members of the detective force feel for the private detectives who poach on their preserves.

They were raw, but never had eggs, boiled, fried, or poached, tasted so nice before!

Let the whole cool, in order to roll it of the size of the yolk of an egg; poach it in salt and boiling water, and when very hard, drain on a sieve, and put it into the turtle.

Now moisten with the eggs, whites and yolks, and continue pounding, adding a seasoning of pepper, spices, &c. When the whole is well blended together, mould it into balls, or whatever shape is intended, roll them in flour, and poach in boiling water, to which a little salt should have been added.

Their flavour may be varied by using the flesh of rabbit, fowl, hare, pheasant, grouse, or an extra quantity of mushroom, parsley, &c. Time,About 1/4 hour to poach in boiling water.

When well mixed, take a small piece in a spoon, and poach it in some boiling water; and if it is delicate, firm, and of a good flavour, it is ready for use.


Poach the eggs and slip them on to the bacon, without breaking the yolks, and serve quickly. Time.3 or 4 minutes.

When done, place them on a dish, which should be kept hot in front of the fire during the time the eggs are being poached.

Poach the eggs, slip them on to the slices of ham, and serve quickly.

When dressed like this, 3 or 4 poached eggs may be placed on the top: oysters, or chopped mushrooms, or balls of oyster forcemeat, may be laid round the dish.

Grated nutmeg, pounded mace, or lemon-juice may also be added to enrich the flavour; and poached eggs are also frequently served with spinach: they should be placed on the top of it, and it should be garnished with sippets of toasted bread.

A few drops of the essence of either may be poured in the milk just before the whites are poached.

About 2 minutes to poach the whites; 8 minutes to stir the custard.


[Illustration: EGGS POACHED ON TOAST.]

If quite new-laid, the white is so milky it is almost impossible to set it; and, on the other hand, if the egg be at all stale, it is equally difficult to poach it nicely.

c. A poached egg should not be overdone, as its appearance and taste will be quite spoiled if the yolk be allowed to harden.

To poach an egg to perfection is rather a difficult operation; so, for inexperienced cooks, a tin egg-poacher may be purchased, which greatly facilitates this manner of dressing ecgs.


To insure the eggs not being spoiled whilst the cream, &c., is preparing, it is a good plan to warm the cream with the butter, &c., before the eggs are poached, so that it may be poured over them immediately after they are dished.

to 4 minutes to poach the eggs, 5 minutes to warm the cream.

2. Spinach and poached eggs instead of pudding.

3. Spinach and poached eggs.

Broiled fish, such as mackerel, whiting, herrings, dried haddocks, &c.; mutton chops and rump-steaks, broiled sheep's kidneys, kidneys ร  la maรฎtre d'hรดtel, sausages, plain rashers of bacon, bacon and poached eggs, ham and poached eggs, omelets, plain boiled eggs, oeufs-au-plat, poached eggs on toast, muffins, toast, marmalade, butter, &c. &c. 2146.

Broiled fish, such as mackerel, whiting, herrings, dried haddocks, &c.; mutton chops and rump-steaks, broiled sheep's kidneys, kidneys ร  la maรฎtre d'hรดtel, sausages, plain rashers of bacon, bacon and poached eggs, ham and poached eggs, omelets, plain boiled eggs, oeufs-au-plat, poached eggs on toast, muffins, toast, marmalade, butter, &c. &c. 2146.

Broiled fish, such as mackerel, whiting, herrings, dried haddocks, &c.; mutton chops and rump-steaks, broiled sheep's kidneys, kidneys ร  la maรฎtre d'hรดtel, sausages, plain rashers of bacon, bacon and poached eggs, ham and poached eggs, omelets, plain boiled eggs, oeufs-au-plat, poached eggs on toast, muffins, toast, marmalade, butter, &c. &c. 2146.

I wonder if the Eastern skies and Eastern odours seem Familiar to that gipsy man, as memories of a dream; Does Tigris' flow stir ancient dreams from immemorial rest Ere ever gipsy poached the trout of Itchen and of Test? Does something in him seem to know those red and arid lands Where dust of ancient cities sleeps beneath the drifted sands? Do Kurdish girls with lustrous eyes beneath their drooping lids

And so he came to dwell in the greenwood that was to be his home for many a year to come, never again to see the happy days with the lads and lasses of sweet Locksley Town; for he was outlawed, not only because he had killed a man, but also because he had poached upon the King's deer, and two hundred pounds were set upon his head, as a reward for whoever would bring him to the court of the King.

"Yuh see, boys," he remarked, laughingly, "I don't want yuh to think I'd poach a deer in the close season, and palm it off as mountain mutton, like they do at some o' the big hotels up here in the Adirondacks, I'm told.

"If you can't bring me a poached egg that isn't raw, don't bother at all.

Ah, I forgot; there are no keepers now; any vagrant is free to trespass and poach on Herondale!"

Aunt Amy looked up in mild surprise as she hurried into the kitchen in time to butter toast and poach the eggs.

To poach eggs.

To poach Eggs.

Nicholas Rowe, who published the first life of Shakespeare, is the authority for this story; but there is some reason to doubt whether, at the time when Shakespeare is said to have poached in the deer park of Sir Thomas Lucy at Charlescote, there were any deer or park at the place referred to.

The egg will poach in the steam arising from the tomato.

Elated with success and piqued by the growing interest of the problem, they have left no bookstall unsearched, no chest in a garret unopened, no file of old yellow accounts to decompose in damp and worms, so keen was the hope to discover whether the boy Shakspeare poached or not, whether he held horses at the theatre door, whether he kept school, and why he left in his will only his second-best bed to Anne Hathaway, his wife.

789. plunder, pillage, rifle, sack, loot, ransack, spoil, spoliate^, despoil, strip, sweep, gut, forage, levy blackmail, pirate, pickeer^, maraud, lift cattle, poach; smuggle, run; badger [Slang]; bail up, hold up, stick up; bunco, bunko, filibuster. swindle, peculate, embezzle; sponge, mulct, rook, bilk, pluck, pigeon, fleece; defraud &c 545; obtain under false pretenses; live by one's wits.

smuggle, run, poach.

Perhaps, as two negatives make one affirmative, it may be thought that two layers of moonshine might coalesce into one pancake; and two Barmecide banquets might compose one poached egg.

Not fried or buttered, but poached. 2902.

It gently lulled you; it was the ideal companion for a poached egg; upstanding against the coffee-pot, it stood for the solidity of England in the seas.

I must live, and my father too; and it is as honest a way of making money as any other: I poach in no man's manor for my game.

Many of these are now in use, such as the poached egg, the hard-boiled egg, egg sauce, &c.

Dat ain't pious, an' 'taint suitable fur a ole pusson like you, Aun' Patsy, wot's jus' settin' on de poach steps ob heaben, a waitin' till somebody finds out you's dar, an' let's you in.

After his meal he dozed quietly, for some hours, until aroused by the arrival of supper which consisted again of soup with some poached eggs served on vegetables.

Some small quenelles may be poached separately and put in tureen.

Steam in large or small moulds, or divide into spoonfuls, shape round, and poach in boiling water, stock, or milk.

Serve with poached or buttered eggs, fried or baked tomatoes, &c. One might go on ad infinitum to suggest further combinations and variations of the different pulse foods, but these must be left to suggest themselves, for I must now pass on to another class of foods.

Eggs are, of course, invaluable in many ways besides the more familiar boiled, poached, and scrambled.

Allow to poach for about 3 minutes or till the whites are just set.

Dish neatly in a flat, round, or oval shape, with poached eggs on top, and croutons of toast or fried bread round.

White of Egg may be made more attractive for little folk if poached by spoonfuls for a minute or two in boiling milk, and served with a little pink sugar dusted over.

In one family he had put out a puppy at walk; in another he had let off a man who had poached a pheasant when his wife was ill; in a third he had stood godfather to the baby when the father was killed falling from a stack.

Maggie and Norah gone; Felicia cooking queer mealsprincipally poached eggsin the kitchen; Miss Bolton failing to appear every morning at ten o'clock as she had done for the last three years; Mother gone, and not even a letter from hernothing but a type-written report from the physician at Hilltop.

Fried eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs tickled their palates for mornings to come.

This new purveyor for the public taste, dislikes the catering of his predecessor, who poached in the fields of Murray; and, with a tacit censure upon his productions, has honestly bought the rareties which he has served up.

The celebrated Dr. Kitchener, the sympathetic author of the Cook's Oracle, writing in 1825, says: "Your luncheon may consist of a bit of roasted poultry, a basin of beef tea, or eggs poached, or boiled in the shell; fish plainly dressed, or a sandwich; stale bread; and half a pint of good homebrewed beer, or toast-and-water, with about one-fourth or one-third part of its measure of wine."

The French-speaking Moslem Berber ex-Zouave, from Algiers, suggested that Moussa Isa, a slave, was certainly not fitting food for gentlemen who fight, hunt, travel, poach elephants, deal in "black ivory," run guns, and generally lead a life too picturesque for an over-"educated,"

The temptation to poach on it was strong, and any lord of Constantinople who once gave way to this, would find himself led on to assume control of all coasts of the easternmost Levant, and then to push into inland Asia in quest of a scientific frontier at their backperilous and costly enterprise which Rome had essayed again and again and had to renounce in the end.

" "9 A.M.Sat down to my solitary breakfast of poached ekkas and paysandu tonga, with excellent chuprassies (something like scones).

Is there any cold chicken you could grill?" "Chota murghi one egg lay, mem-sahib, anda poach.

"Sahib no laike!" "Very well, that will doa poached egg for me and grilled chicken for the sahib.

There the soft, oozy earth, which can never dry under the trees, is poached into a slough through which even timber carriages cannot be drawn.

There were the deep narrow ruts which the wheels of a chaise, long stationary, had made in the turf at the side of the road; and south of them was a plat of poached ground where the horses had stood and shifted their feet uneasily.

I poached when I had a chance.

The surreptitious innovations of utilitarian science shall not poach upon these sacred preserves of the people, whatever revolutions they may produce in the machinery and speed of turnpike locomotion.

It would seem that the earlier comers, who had drawn up their long ships on the beach, and thrown up earthworks round their camp, instantly resented the attempt of later arrivals to poach on their preserves, and that a fierce fight was the result.

There was nothing for it but to give him the pork chops, intended for our to-morrow's dinner, and if he did not like them, he might fall back upon poached eggs and rashers.

The road was rutted, poached deep where wet and beaten hard where dry, or pulverized into dust by the stream of emigration.

He had gulped down my canaries like pills, poached my pigeons, fricasseed my rabbits, and made himself an abominable beast generally; and had now committed a crime that capped everything.

CREAM TOAST WITH POACHED EGG.Prepare the cream toast as previously directed, and serve hot with a well-poached egg on each slice.

CREAM TOAST WITH POACHED EGG.Prepare the cream toast as previously directed, and serve hot with a well-poached egg on each slice.

Fresh Fruit Graham Mush with Dates Poached Eggs on Toast Corn Cakes Toasted Beaten Biscuit Whole-Wheat Bread Stewed Fruit DINNER Bean and Hominy Soup Potato Rice Turnips with Cream Sauce Mashed Parsnips Baked Barley Whole-Wheat Bread Cream Graham Rolls Stewed Fruit Plain Fruit Pudding

Fresh Fruit Oatmeal Porridge Poached Eggs on Toast Graham Puffs Toasted Wafers Potato Cakes Cottage Cheese Stewed Fruit DINNER Swiss Lentil Soup Mashed Potato Cabbage Salad Mashed Turnip Graham Grits Graham Bread Cream Crisps Stewed Fruit Baked Apple Dessert

Fresh Fruit Rice with Lentil Gravy Poached Egg on Toast Whole-Wheat Puffs Breakfast Rolls Granola Stewed Fruit DINNER Cream Rice Soup Boiled Potato Mashed Turnip Pease Cakes with Tomato Sauce Graham Grits Rye Bread Crusts Toasted Wafers Stewed Fruit Oatmeal Blancmange Nuts FOURTH DAY BREAKFAST

Fresh Fruit Graham Grits Poached Egg on Toast Hominy Gems Graham Crisps Toasted Wafers

A few very small forcemeat balls must be poached in the gravy, which must be poured over the meat, and the balls arranged round the dish; this is a very savoury and pretty dish.

It is not only excellent fried in slices with poached eggs or stewed with rice, but imparts a delicious flavor to stews, soups, and sauces, and is one of the most useful resources of the Jewish kitchen.

Scald and chop some spinach small; cut up an onion; add pepper and salt and brown sugar, with a little vinegar, stew all together gently; serve with poached eggs or small forcemeat fritters.

Some prefer the eggs poached.

Poach lightly three or four eggs, place them in a dish, pour upon them a little warm butter; sprinkle with pepper, salt, and nutmeg, strew over with crumbs of bread, and brown before the fire.

POACHED EGG SANDWICHES Slice as many pieces of bread, from a round loaf, as you have persons to serve.

Across each slice place three strips of pimentoes (use the canned pimentoes), on top of that place a cold poached egg, put a teaspoon of Mayonnaise on the top of the egg and sprigs of watercress encircling the toast.

POACHED OR DROPPED EGGS Fill a pan with boiling, salted water.

POACHED EGGS WITH FRIED TOMATOES Fry tomatoes (cut one-half inch thick) in butter, pepper and salt.

Poach as many eggs as are required, in boiling salt water.

EGGS POACHED IN TOMATO SAUCE Make a sauce of one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of flour, one and one-half cups of canned tomatoes rubbed through a strainer, a pinch of soda, salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

When it thickens and before it boils, have ready a half dozen nicely poached eggs and pour the sauce over them.