227 examples of poach in sentences

So great is the habit among editors of cribbing from each other, that if one were to write an article about an egg another would immediately Poach it.

<Steal, abstract, pilfer, filch, purloin, peculate, swindle, plagiarize, poach>.

Rolfe had acquired an unwilling respect for Crewe's abilities during the course of the investigations into the Riversbrook case, but he retained all the intolerance which regular members of the detective force feel for the private detectives who poach on their preserves.

Let the whole cool, in order to roll it of the size of the yolk of an egg; poach it in salt and boiling water, and when very hard, drain on a sieve, and put it into the turtle.

Now moisten with the eggs, whites and yolks, and continue pounding, adding a seasoning of pepper, spices, &c. When the whole is well blended together, mould it into balls, or whatever shape is intended, roll them in flour, and poach in boiling water, to which a little salt should have been added.

Their flavour may be varied by using the flesh of rabbit, fowl, hare, pheasant, grouse, or an extra quantity of mushroom, parsley, &c. Time,About 1/4 hour to poach in boiling water.

When well mixed, take a small piece in a spoon, and poach it in some boiling water; and if it is delicate, firm, and of a good flavour, it is ready for use.

Poach the eggs and slip them on to the bacon, without breaking the yolks, and serve quickly. Time.3 or 4 minutes.

Poach the eggs, slip them on to the slices of ham, and serve quickly.

About 2 minutes to poach the whites; 8 minutes to stir the custard.

If quite new-laid, the white is so milky it is almost impossible to set it; and, on the other hand, if the egg be at all stale, it is equally difficult to poach it nicely.

To poach an egg to perfection is rather a difficult operation; so, for inexperienced cooks, a tin egg-poacher may be purchased, which greatly facilitates this manner of dressing ecgs.

to 4 minutes to poach the eggs, 5 minutes to warm the cream.

"Yuh see, boys," he remarked, laughingly, "I don't want yuh to think I'd poach a deer in the close season, and palm it off as mountain mutton, like they do at some o' the big hotels up here in the Adirondacks, I'm told.

Ah, I forgot; there are no keepers now; any vagrant is free to trespass and poach on Herondale!"

Aunt Amy looked up in mild surprise as she hurried into the kitchen in time to butter toast and poach the eggs.

To poach eggs.

To poach Eggs.

Dat ain't pious, an' 'taint suitable fur a ole pusson like you, Aun' Patsy, wot's jus' settin' on de poach steps ob heaben, a waitin' till somebody finds out you's dar, an' let's you in.

Allow to poach for about 3 minutes or till the whites are just set.

The French-speaking Moslem Berber ex-Zouave, from Algiers, suggested that Moussa Isa, a slave, was certainly not fitting food for gentlemen who fight, hunt, travel, poach elephants, deal in "black ivory," run guns, and generally lead a life too picturesque for an over-"educated,"

The temptation to poach on it was strong, and any lord of Constantinople who once gave way to this, would find himself led on to assume control of all coasts of the easternmost Levant, and then to push into inland Asia in quest of a scientific frontier at their backperilous and costly enterprise which Rome had essayed again and again and had to renounce in the end.

Is there any cold chicken you could grill?" "Chota murghi one egg lay, mem-sahib, anda poach.

The surreptitious innovations of utilitarian science shall not poach upon these sacred preserves of the people, whatever revolutions they may produce in the machinery and speed of turnpike locomotion.

Poach as many eggs as are required, in boiling salt water.

227 examples of  poach  in sentences