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1625 examples of  braces  in sentences

1625 examples of braces in sentences

Taking out his knife he severed the prisoner's buttons which were attached to his braces, thus giving the man occupation for his hands and preventing a rapid flight.

"Why don't you write home and ask your people to buy you a new pair of braces, instead of mending those old ones up with string?

You look just like a young street arab, and that's about what you are!" "Don't you fellows talk about broken braces, and looking like street arabs," cried Diggory, "when only yesterday old Greyling sent Stokes out of class and told him to go down to the lavatory and wash his face.

she said, like one who braces herself to make some huge renunciation.

"The braces I bolted on the pump won't hold long; she rocks and strains the shaft when she's running hard.

Get your men on the braces, or we'll blow on shore.

Put up that helm and get your men on the braces.

First a spring broke, and Wampus was obliged to halt long enough to clamp it together with stout steel braces.

"Watch out fer yer dress," he said, pointing with grimy hand to the dusty wheels and braces so near her.

The dead man was almost in the attitude of a crucified man; his two arms were stretched out; his white hair, red at the ends, was soaking in the mud; a pool of blood was beneath him; a large blackish patch on his waistcoat marked the place where the ball had pierced his breast; one of his braces was undone; he had thick laced boots on his feet.

She did not see his face, but recognized him by his ears, because they were like his uncle's, then ordered the servant to undo his braces for fear he should choke.

So just take a turn at the lee braces, and keep your weather eye lifting, for you may be sure of this,if the storm does come,it will bring the Money Moon with it.

He had hung them there the night before, and now they had absconded with a pair of red braces just entering their teens.

He had hung them there the night before, and now they had absconded with a pair of red braces just entering their teens.

On the other hand, one who reads the Imaginary Conversations is lifted at once into a calm and noble atmosphere which braces and inspires him, making him forget petty things, like a view from a hilltop.

This was the form of it: two beams of equal length were laid on the ground, at the distance of four feet from each other; and in them were fastened small pillars, five feet high, which were joined together by braces, with a gentle slope, on which the timber which they must place to support the roof of the musculus should be laid: upon this were laid beams, two feet square, bound with iron plates and nails.

The roof being thus sloped and laid over in rows in the same manner as the joists were laid on the braces, the musculus was covered with tiles and mortar, to secure it against fire, which might be thrown from the wall.

I feel like bidding for some of your things, among which I also noted an elegantly-worked pair of braces.

I shall probably let the braces go if necessary, but I shall contest the ownership of the bowler up to a point.

I got the hat, but Mrs. Petherton outbid my agent for the braces.

I failed to secure the braces.

Comming out of the water, she rowleth herselfe into a yellow cloth of fourteene braces long: and againe she taketh her husbands kinseman by the hand, and they go both together vp to the pinnacle of the square caue wherein the fire is made.

When I come to Scotland I carry no baggage save my tooth-brush in my pocket, and a clean collar across my chest, its ends held by my braces.

"Take the wheel," said he to me; and then followed the orders, in quick succession: "Lay aft, and man the bracessee every thing clear forward, to wear shipsteadyease hershiver away the main-topsailput your helm uphaul in the weather fore-braces,gather in the after-yards."

steady, sohaul taut the weather-braces, and belay all."

Mr. Waterton states that he was barefoot, with an old hat, check shirt and trousers on, and a pair of braces to keep them up.

So while the first negro continued to hold the lance firm to the ground, and the other was helping me, I contrived to unloosen my braces, and with them tied the snake's mouth.

The loins are tightly girt with a long waist-belt or kummerbund of cloth, which, passed repeatedly between the limbs and round the loins, sufficiently braces up and protects that part of the body.

not very often; but last year I addressed a letter to the Editor, to explain to him that my new farce called 'My Aunt's Garters' had nothing at all to do with 'My Uncle's Braces,' which is by somebody else.

These should be made to measure in order to fit well and be worn with braces to pull them up.

Isak wears leather braces; he takes them off now and fastens them round the sheep's middle, as a support for the udder.

" They went across to the bushes, and she showed him the things; neat braces with buckles for the boys to wear, copy-books with copies at the top of the page, a pencil for each, a pocket-knife for each.

"Elsley, don't you see the wings sprouting already, under his shooting jacket?" "They are my braces, I suppose, of course," said Scoutbush, who never understood a joke about himself, though he liked one about other people; while Elsley, who hated all jokes, made no answerat least none worth recording.

For the present the old one was made fast with cables, iron chains, and braces.

A band fitted about his waist is kept in place by strong braces.

Personal danger, while its excitement braces nerve and intellect for the time, is an over-powerful stimulant for the imagination, and leaves a reaction sadly softening to the heart.

Extreme cold is not favorable to them; it braces, but stiffens; and the bars and ropes become slippery and even dangerous.

In fact, the figures 1698, let in as iron braces to the wall of the gable, announced that the house was quite as old as the second structure at Clawbonny.

I knew that the moment we began to touch our braces, tacks and sheets, that the Leander would do the same, and that she would effect her objects in half the time in which we could effect ours.

It was a small matter to round in our weather braces, until the yards were nearly square, but the rigging out of her studding-sail booms, and the setting of the sails, was a job to occupy the Dawn's people several minutes.

Some address was used, therefore, in managing to get our yards in without showing the people at the braces.

Come to these fore-braces, Nebbear a hand this a-way, you cook.

When this was done, I ordered the after-braces manned, and the leaches brought as near as possible to touching.

The braces were manned, as well as they could be, by Marble, Neb and the cook, while I kept an eye on the boat, with an occasional glance at the man at the wheel.

Neb and Diogenes throwing their powerful force on the braces with a good-will, too, we soon had the Dawn braced sharp up, heading well to windward of the passage.

Man the lee-braces, and right the helm, Neb."

how that main-yard went round, though there were but three men at the braces.

This single manoeuvre occupied a quarter of an hour, my braces, tacks, and sheets not working particularly well.

The master's mate, who commanded these braces, thanked me for my assistance, in a cheerful voice, saying, "We'll thrash 'em in an hour, Captain Wallingford."

Tom felt he had got his work cut out for him, as he stripped off his jacket, waistcoat, and braces.

In both cases they are supported with strong braces, from 3 to 4 feet apart, made of round or hewn wood, or of cast iron, which are buried in the ground below, and are tied above and below with iron rods, as in the engraving, and the lower end passing beneath the floor of the kiln.

They are sometimes tied at the top with wooden braces of the same size, which are securely fastened by iron rods running through the corners, as shown.

The intermediate ones are supported below by wooden braces, securely fastened at the bottom.

The parts were made to fit each other accurately, so that when the workmen in Burma came to put them together the tangle of beams and rods, of trusses and braces should be assembled into a perfect, orderly structureeach part in its place and each doing its share of the work.

Imagine a room eighty by one hundred feet, low and criss-crossed by massive timber braces, resting on the black, slimy mud of the river bottom; electric lights shine dimly, showing the half-naked workmen toiling with tremendous energy by reason of the extra quantity of oxygen in the compressed air.

Let the ship fall off a couple of points, or more, and take the strain off the spars, by a pull upon the weather braces.

Besides, who can say that to-morrow, or the next day, we sha'n't have, a puff out of America, here at north-west?" "A couple of points fall off, and a pull upon your weather braces," said Wilder, with startling quickness.

It seemed rather like the effect of desperate and concentrated resolution, such as braces the human mind to efforts which exceed the ordinary daring of martial enterprise.

After these several arrangements had been completed, the crew at their guns, the sail-trimmers at the braces, and the officers in their several batteries, the after-yards were swung, and the ship once more put in motion.

I saw iron bands, bearings, braces, and shafting scattered about, and I found the great circular saw rusting, flat in the grass.

You may ever distinguish the national Bavarian by his nervous squat body, small round head, and beer-belly, immediately beneath which the trousers begin; hence the braces or belt is indispensible.

Near it is a curious transit-clock, made by Graham, but greatly improved by Earnshaw, who so simplified the train as to exclude two or three wheels, and also added cross-braces to the gridiron-pendulum, by which an error of a second per day, arising from its sudden starts, was corrected.

o' them by making braces for 'em out of a bit of string.

'The bullet struck the leather of his braces, and glanced.

I say, Dave, old chap, you may thank your stars for those bullock-hide braces of yours.

But,' he added thoughtfully, 'I'm sorry my braces are gone up.

No one but a sailor can understand the effect of checking the weather-braces, if it be only for a few feet, and of getting a weather-leach to stand without 'swigging out' on its bowline.

There were the vasquines or rollers which encircled the waist and extended the folds of the petticoats, thus giving additional smallness to the waist; the brassards-ร -chevrons or metallic braces for expanding the sleeves; and the affiquet of pearls or diamonds coquettishly attached to the left breast, and entitled the assassin.

Bad luck never braces him as it does us.

Braces are also used to connect a number of words with one common term, and are introduced to prevent a repetition in writing or printing."Ib., p. 283.

I shall want to ask, And burn to know if this one bets on races, Or that one has a pretty taste in braces, Or if a third, who only says, "Just so," Beneath his tunic has a heart aglow With treasured words of praise dropped by his golfing pro.

He wore his yellow trousers without braces, and in all moments of energy hitched them up.

"Getbreathfightdecentlytime'nother roundafter," and as he spoke Bruce knocked him down and out, proceeding instantly to tie his feet with the punkah-cord and his hands with two handkerchiefs and a pair of braces.

How it strengthens the body, braces the spirits, and quickens the intelligence!

Raoul had a proof into what dangerous proximity to the frigate he had got by the sound of the calls on board her, and the stillness of the sea was yet so great that the creaking of her fore-yard was actually audible to him as the English rounded in their braces briskly while laying their foretopsail aback.

She had hauled in her starboard head-braces and had to get the foretopsail aback, and to pay well off with her head to leeward, in order to swing her yards and fill her sails, while le Feu-Follet was slipping through the water, going seemingly into the wind's eye.

Mr. Stobell's boot and an old pair of braces produced in proof.

Two of your bullets flattened on its steel braces.

Heavepull on the braces.

And the whole breadth of the foremast, whose larboard braces had been loosened, turned slowly.

They climbed the shaky stairs to a landing, supported by long braces, and whereon was a broad door, with latch and keyhole in its weathered timber.

" He drew off his stockings and pinned them carefully to the braces on the back of a chair.

"While you were away," Dill began at last in the tone that braces one instinctively for the worst, "I met accidentally a man of whom I had heard, but whom I had not seen.

One of Captain Mackra's officers was under deck at this time, and was commanded both by the captain and the quarter-master to tend the braces on the booms, in hopes that a shot would take him before they got clear.

Eight of the hounds were chained in braces, one big and one little dog together, and they certainly had a hard time of it.

Where are my coat and waistcoat, and my braces?

Next he unbuttoned his waistcoat and loosened his braces; but no, he could not skiphis boots were too tight.

(He buttoned his braces over it, and tucked its slack inside the waistband of his trousers.)

A frame has been erected by placing two posts against the wall, about four feet apart; and three braces, pieces of board about six inches wide, and long enough to reach from one post to the other, are fastened securely to them.

So my Betty sits down and braces herself for the tug.

We saw braces fly and masts fall in the volley.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

As the first, he is like a spar supported by backstays and forestays, braces and standing rigging; while, as the latter, he is the stick, which keeps its head aloft by the soundness and quality of its timber.

Go aft, Mr. Hopper, and tell the officer of the watch to bring the ship's head up, a point and a half, to the northward, and to give a slight pull on the braces.

"Touch all the braces!"

Why, he guv out the word of command, whether it was to "Port the Helem," or to "Titen the mane braces," as if he had bin a Hadmiral at the werry least, and his galliant crew obeyed him without not no grumbling or ewen thretening to strike!

GOTEMON's Patent Alligator's Skin Braces are attracting much attention just now, so is WIPE's Castle 2 Imperial William Champagne, which finds (I may observe confidentially) a ready sale at thirty-two shillings the dozen.

His love-affairs became less and less fortunate; but he was still sometimes successful, and when he was he registered the factupon his braces.

When that radical, having dined with his coat off, walked into his bedroom and I saw the braces on his back, it became clear to me that that radical is a bourgeois, a hopeless bourgeois.

The varnish still shone on legs and braces, which helped to prove its newness.