1625 examples of braces in sentences

"Why don't you write home and ask your people to buy you a new pair of braces, instead of mending those old ones up with string?

she said, like one who braces herself to make some huge renunciation.

Get your men on the braces, or we'll blow on shore.

Put up that helm and get your men on the braces.

These should be made to measure in order to fit well and be worn with braces to pull them up.

"Elsley, don't you see the wings sprouting already, under his shooting jacket?" "They are my braces, I suppose, of course," said Scoutbush, who never understood a joke about himself, though he liked one about other people; while Elsley, who hated all jokes, made no answerat least none worth recording.

For the present the old one was made fast with cables, iron chains, and braces.

I knew that the moment we began to touch our braces, tacks and sheets, that the Leander would do the same, and that she would effect her objects in half the time in which we could effect ours.

It was a small matter to round in our weather braces, until the yards were nearly square, but the rigging out of her studding-sail booms, and the setting of the sails, was a job to occupy the Dawn's people several minutes.

Some address was used, therefore, in managing to get our yards in without showing the people at the braces.

Come to these fore-braces, Nebbear a hand this a-way, you cook.

When this was done, I ordered the after-braces manned, and the leaches brought as near as possible to touching.

The braces were manned, as well as they could be, by Marble, Neb and the cook, while I kept an eye on the boat, with an occasional glance at the man at the wheel.

In both cases they are supported with strong braces, from 3 to 4 feet apart, made of round or hewn wood, or of cast iron, which are buried in the ground below, and are tied above and below with iron rods, as in the engraving, and the lower end passing beneath the floor of the kiln.

They are sometimes tied at the top with wooden braces of the same size, which are securely fastened by iron rods running through the corners, as shown.

The intermediate ones are supported below by wooden braces, securely fastened at the bottom.

Let the ship fall off a couple of points, or more, and take the strain off the spars, by a pull upon the weather braces.

Besides, who can say that to-morrow, or the next day, we sha'n't have, a puff out of America, here at north-west?" "A couple of points fall off, and a pull upon your weather braces," said Wilder, with startling quickness.

He wore his yellow trousers without braces, and in all moments of energy hitched them up.

Raoul had a proof into what dangerous proximity to the frigate he had got by the sound of the calls on board her, and the stillness of the sea was yet so great that the creaking of her fore-yard was actually audible to him as the English rounded in their braces briskly while laying their foretopsail aback.

She had hauled in her starboard head-braces and had to get the foretopsail aback, and to pay well off with her head to leeward, in order to swing her yards and fill her sails, while le Feu-Follet was slipping through the water, going seemingly into the wind's eye.

Mr. Stobell's boot and an old pair of braces produced in proof.

Two of your bullets flattened on its steel braces.

Go aft, Mr. Hopper, and tell the officer of the watch to bring the ship's head up, a point and a half, to the northward, and to give a slight pull on the braces.

His love-affairs became less and less fortunate; but he was still sometimes successful, and when he was he registered the factupon his braces.

1625 examples of  braces  in sentences