1625 examples of braces in sentences

"The braces I bolted on the pump won't hold long; she rocks and strains the shaft when she's running hard.

Get your men on the braces, or we'll blow on shore.

Put up that helm and get your men on the braces.

Without an instant's delay, the sheets were flattened in, a pull was taken on the braces, and away went the little Sea Lion into a passage that had a hundredfold more real causes of terror than the Scylla and Charybdis of old.

He had hung them there the night before, and now they had absconded with a pair of red braces just entering their teens.

" "Then why haven't you played?" "Why haven't you?" "Why didn't you come and play for Lower Borlock, I mean?" "The last time I played in a village cricket match I was caught at point by a man in braces.

Comming out of the water, she rowleth herselfe into a yellow cloth of fourteene braces long: and againe she taketh her husbands kinseman by the hand, and they go both together vp to the pinnacle of the square caue wherein the fire is made.

steady, sohaul taut the weather-braces, and belay all."

"Elsley, don't you see the wings sprouting already, under his shooting jacket?" "They are my braces, I suppose, of course," said Scoutbush, who never understood a joke about himself, though he liked one about other people; while Elsley, who hated all jokes, made no answerat least none worth recording.

For the present the old one was made fast with cables, iron chains, and braces.

A band fitted about his waist is kept in place by strong braces.

Personal danger, while its excitement braces nerve and intellect for the time, is an over-powerful stimulant for the imagination, and leaves a reaction sadly softening to the heart.

In fact, the figures 1698, let in as iron braces to the wall of the gable, announced that the house was quite as old as the second structure at Clawbonny.

Tom felt he had got his work cut out for him, as he stripped off his jacket, waistcoat, and braces.

In both cases they are supported with strong braces, from 3 to 4 feet apart, made of round or hewn wood, or of cast iron, which are buried in the ground below, and are tied above and below with iron rods, as in the engraving, and the lower end passing beneath the floor of the kiln.

They are sometimes tied at the top with wooden braces of the same size, which are securely fastened by iron rods running through the corners, as shown.

The intermediate ones are supported below by wooden braces, securely fastened at the bottom.

I saw iron bands, bearings, braces, and shafting scattered about, and I found the great circular saw rusting, flat in the grass.

There were the vasquines or rollers which encircled the waist and extended the folds of the petticoats, thus giving additional smallness to the waist; the brassards-à-chevrons or metallic braces for expanding the sleeves; and the affiquet of pearls or diamonds coquettishly attached to the left breast, and entitled the assassin.

Mr. Stobell's boot and an old pair of braces produced in proof.

Two of your bullets flattened on its steel braces.

A frame has been erected by placing two posts against the wall, about four feet apart; and three braces, pieces of board about six inches wide, and long enough to reach from one post to the other, are fastened securely to them.

"Touch all the braces!"

His love-affairs became less and less fortunate; but he was still sometimes successful, and when he was he registered the factupon his braces.

When that radical, having dined with his coat off, walked into his bedroom and I saw the braces on his back, it became clear to me that that radical is a bourgeois, a hopeless bourgeois.

1625 examples of  braces  in sentences