100 examples of mam in sentences

My servants will require a comfortable room to dine inby themselves mam, if you please.

I have no doubt we shall understand each other, mam," cried Lady Ann Newcome, for it was no other than that noble person, with her children, who had invaded the precincts of Miss Honeyman's home.

"And as for Miss Ethel" "Ethel is a trump, mam," says Lord Kew, slapping his hand on his knee.

And there is yet the first tooth, forcing its way like a needle-point through rosy gums; and there is also the first stammered word, the "pa-pa," the "mam-ma," which one is quite ready to detect amid the vaguest babble, though it be but the purring of a kitten, the chirping of a bird.

Well, sister, if that Francis play the man, My mother must be grandam and you mam.

Wherever they go, they carry a string with an hundred or two hundred nut-shells, like our rosaries, and they are continually uttering the words, Ou mam Hactani, which was explained to me as signifying, O God!

[Footnote 1: "Mam-nu-tu," goddess of fate.

Alas! dread Mam-mitu hath led us here, Awake for me! arouse!

The awful fiend, dark goddess Mam-mitu, Who reigns through all these realms of La-Atzu.

I seed her going down the street with a great big bundle, and Mam said, she looked like she was going to topple over.

" "What does he do?" "He don't do nothing, but Mam says she works awful hard.

If Mam would only let you go to Concord with me, I'd wait till noon for you.

But, mind, before I do, Mam shall promise, sartin sure, to let you go by half-past twelve o'clock, and not a minit later.

"No mam, I don't remember nothin' else.

* Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden Person interviewed: Mary Williams 409 North Hickory, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Age: 82 "Yes mam, I sure would be glad to talk to you 'bout slavery times.

Yes mam, I sure did have good times.

Interviewer: Mrs. Bernice Bowden Person interviewed: Sally Nealy 105 Mulberry Street, Pine Bluff, Arkansas Age: 91 "Yes mam, I was a slave!

" "Yes, mam!

I'll be an angel coon, I'll be a chile dat'll make you smile, Goodo-l-e Mam-my M-o-o-n!"

"Yes mam, I was here during that Civil War.

Odd jobs "Yes mam, I was here in slavery times.

Him hab ur ball ob raid, raid ha'r, Him hide it un' de kitchen sta'r, Mam Jude huh pars urlong dat way, An' now huh hab ur snaik, de say.

" "Will you tell me something of Surrey?" "Mr. Somers, shall I give you a cup-custard?" "No, thank you, mam.

There was something so motherly in Aunt Linda's manner that it seemed to recall the bright, sunshiny days when she used to nestle in Mam Liza's arms, in her own happy home.

There was pa and ma, or rather dad and mam, (about the bigness of tiger-cats, one was four feet and a half from tip to tail) and seven kittens well grown; and O, the spit, snarl, tusshush and crissish, and mow-waaugh they did kick up in their den, whilst in its darkness we could see the electricity or phosphorescence of their eyes and hair sparkling like chemical fire-works.

100 examples of  mam  in sentences