25 adverbs to describe how to flat

The beach at the lower end of this lake is comparatively flat and the water shoal.

All was gloomy and strangely flat.

Fay, you know, has recently published his novel, 'Norman Leslie,' the second volume of which flats out so awfully.

Well, I'm willing to bet you anything you like that if you were to step down out of your frame, change your velvets and laces for trousers and coat, leave off your great peruke, and wear a derby hat instead of that picturesque, floppy affair, and try your fortune with some Twentieth Century damsel, your high-sounding gallantries, and flattering phrases, would fall singularly flat, and you would be promptlyturned down, sir.

The landscape between Ostend and Bruges is extremely monotonous, it being a uniformly flat country; yet it is pleasing to the eye at this season of the year from the verdure of the plains, which are all appropriated to pasturage, and from the appearance of the different villages and towns, of which the eye can embrace a considerable number.

He seems to be giving us the best that he had to give; and it must be confessed that he is intolerably flat at times.

I freely own that "dash" and "drat" At times sound lamentably flat; And "blight" and "blow" don't somehow seem Quite adequate to every theme.

If one fails in the style of Pascal, one is merely flat; if one fails in the style of Browne, one is ridiculous.

Even when new, they are nevertheless miserably flat and idle.

While he went on doing the same for the other logs on that side, the Boy roughly chiselled a moderately flat sill.

Our national anthem is a peculiarly flat and uninspiring specimen of eighteenth-century opera libretto and opera music.

all stinking! stinkingly flat!"), he added: N.B.I shall not be long here, Charles!I gone, you will not mind my having spoiled a book in order to leave a Relic.

Nevertheless, it is probable that the great majority of every congregation does in its heart share the Territorial's opinion, and, if there were no possibility of war ever again anywhere in the world, they would find life upon this planet a trifle flat.

In all other directions the eye wandered over a dreary, low, and uninterruptedly flat country; which in most parts is covered with an arundinaceous grass.

It deeply stirred the impartial intelligence of the country, but it failed to move the average voter even in the towns, while in the rural parts it fell unmistakably flat.

The roof of the chancel is unusually flat.

Of course, a performance of this kind without a good Alice would be unutterably flat; but the little girl who played opposite to Humpty, Miss Nellie K-, was so exactly the counterpart of Alice, both in appearance and disposition, that most children thought she was the original, right out of the book.

Some of the couplets are utterly flat and bald, and, in others, the balance of point and antithesis is substituted for the simple sublimity of the original: Moloch.

Added to this we find that the abnormally flat condition of the sole has resulted in a great loss of resiliency.

Land on the lake-shore is too precious, and the flats west of the town are quite despised.

For miles round us the country was dead flat.

The word "hardship" often repeated by successful artists, is accepted by the public as a truism, which affects their attitude towards the stage as a career about as much as the statement that the world is round, when in their eyes it appears disappointingly flat.

It lies exceedingly flat, which causes the locality to be unhealthy and ill-suited to European constitutions; the soil is, however, fertile and rich; this is, perhaps, to be accounted for by the constant irrigation it undergoes from the overflowing of the Mississippi, which, like another Nile, periodically submerges the country around its banks.

The Colonel and his son walked the play-ground together, that gravelly flat, as destitute of herbage as the Arabian desert, but, nevertheless, in the language of the place, called the green.

The plane fishes swim quickly over these monsters of the mire, that are always horizontally flat resting upon their bellies, whilst the flatness of the soles and others of the same species is vertical.

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